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Cameron Highland’s Starbucks – Descriptive Essay

As I enter the wooden gates of the Starbucks that is surrounded by stone bricks, woods beneath my feet make squeaky noise and an employee with traditional green apron of Starbucks welcomes me. The cashier takes my order, caramel macchiato, and takes my twenty ringgit bill. Then I go to the next counter with my receipt and wait for my coffee. I hear the barista blending the coffee and the aroma of coffee reaches deep in my nose. With coffee in my hand, I search for a seat inside. There I notice that Cameron Highlands’ Starbucks is different than other Starbucks, at least different than Penang. Inside, it looks more like a living room rather than a shop. There is a sofa as big as a bed as you go inside the living-room-like Starbucks of Cameron Highlands and a gigantic tea table just few centimeters away from the sofa. And there are small round tables inside the glassy windows, in which inside you can see the streets of Cameron Highlands. I am surrounded by wooden floors, stone brick walls, wood ceiling, a mammoth sofa, a gigantic tea table, and small tables that are each surrounded by 3 or 2 chairs. I take a seat on the big sofa since the chance to sit on a sofa like this doesn’t come very often. One sip of caramel macchiato on the huge sofa with chilling cold air outside Cameron Highlands… is just perfect.

            The warm ramps and orange lights welcome me as I walk up the stairs to the second floor to visit. Inside I am met by paintings that make the room feel like an art exhibition. There are no sofas or big tables, but there are some wooden chairs and tables. The orange ramps give the warm feeling to the room and give comforts. A view outside a balcony attracts me, so I walk through the tables to get some fresh air on the balcony. However, as soon as I open the balcony’s door, my breath gets stuck in my throat. I look around and there are people with cigarettes in their mouth. The balcony is filled up with smoke and looks as if there is a fire. While I quickly shut the door of the balcony, the notice that says ‘smoking area’ comes into my sight. I guess this is why the second floor is empty. No one wants to drink coffee while smelling the stinky smoke.

            Again in downstairs, people who truly enjoy coffees can be found. Such as the one who has a laptop on his table with a coffee cup in his hand, the one who has just a cup of coffee, the one with her iPod and coffee on the table, and the one who is talking with his friends while drinking coffee. They all appreciate being here and drinking coffee. I sit down on the sofa to drink my caramel macchiato, to be one of them, to be the one who truly enjoys coffee. As I drink my sweet coffee, I hear classic music coming out from four corners of speakers. What other coffee can taste better than this one? Stone bricks and street of Cameron Highlands are in front of my eyes. A caramel macchiato made from a professional barista twists around my tongue and comes into my throat. Classic music flows into my ears and vibrates my ear drums. I am one of those who truly enjoy coffee, and the Starbucks in Cameron Highlands made the enjoyment even better.


2 responses

  1. WOW!!!
    dude your background is so cool!!
    I like your story!!

    April 8, 2011 at 12:46 am

  2. you make me want to drink coffee…. I like how you descriptively descriped your descriptive essay.

    April 8, 2011 at 12:59 am

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